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Rules for the use of illustrations and text


General principle : If you wish to use any of the photographs, engravings or texts published on my sites, and if the use you wish to make of them is not for commercial purposes, you may


These three sites are made up of my own photographs and commentaries, as well as illustrations and texts in the public domain.


All these contents are under copyright. In the classical way for all my own production, and just as much for the engravings reproduced, because they are first corrected for any defects due to ageing or the original printing, and for the texts because they are retranscribed, reread, corrected for any typing errors, and reformatted for these publications on the Internet.

Author's photo - © Norbert Pousseur  
l'auteur cheminant...

In a nutshell: I was born in 1943, and trained as a photographer, with various jobs as a salaried employee in the audiovisual field.
I created these sites in the early 2000s.
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Principe général : Si vous désirez utiliser l'une ou l'autre des photographies, gravures ou textes publiés dans mes sites, et si l'usage que vous voulez en faire n'est pas à finalité commerciale, vous pouvez :

Reproduce them free of charge as they appear on your site, on the express condition that you indicate the copyright and place a link pointing to the original site or page.
(as below, for example)

© NPousseur

If you wish to use one of the reproductions in a non-commercial publication, such as an academic study, or for restricted local distribution, please contact us via the site's e-mail address. In most cases, files will be made available for printing free of charge.

If you wish to use the reproductions or photos in a website (or other medium) for commercial purposes, please contact me, indicating the references you are interested in.
The prices charged will be more or less those of the market, with the notable difference, as far as engravings are concerned, that each of them is corrected for printing or ageing defects.


Please note : The engravings and texts reproduced on my sites are taken from works that have fallen into the public domain (70 years after the author's death), and all this data is taken from works that I have acquired (with the rare exceptions indicated).
Insofar as these reproductions have benefited from various treatments to improve their appearance, and the texts are all retranscribed with manual corrections (and not just scanned), they are under copyright and may only be freely re-used in a strictly non-commercial context.

The reprographics presented on my sites were essentially produced from digital shots taken either with a professional scanner (Microtek i900), then with a Canon 5D Mark2 (21 million pixels), then from 2016 with a Canon 5DS-R in 50 million pixels.
As for my own photos, they have been taken over time, with a Rollei SL66, then with various digital cameras, from 3 to 10 million pixels, and more recently, therefore, with the 2 types of Canon camera indicated above.

All print reproductions are available, on request, at least in the original format, often with the option of enlarging to 50x60cm and more if required.


The yellow "Copyright" logo indicates that I have registered all my sites with the above-mentioned copyright office.

Rights deposited
Copyright registration against any commercial use of the photographs, texts and/or reproductions published on this site


PS : if you notice reproductions or texts on my sites that you think are not in the public domain, please let me know (it would then be an error on my part...).

This page is translated into several languages, but my sites are not multilingual in themselves.
Initially in French, some pages are translated into the language of the country concerned by their content
to make them accessible to the local population.


My sites do not contain any advertising or forms, and do not generate any cookies (to track your browsing habits).


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