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Statuary, famous people... - photography © Norbert Pousseur

of missing persons


Engravings of more or less famous people,
fashion and ancient costumes, kings, painters ...
and nomenclatures of terms from the past,
For this purpose, we used the automatic translator Deepl

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a site devoted to the traces left by humans as they disappear...

This site has been created by a French speaker and the pages are in French.
However, when the content illustrates a foreign place or character,
the page in question is translated into the corresponding language
so that everyone can take ownership of the historical part that belongs to them.
To achieve this, the Deepl automatic translator was used.

The last pages put on line, in English



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Update of the 16.09.2023

... It is not a question here of nostalgia for the past and its characters whose life was mostly violent for the powerful, and not very enviable for the others (random medicine, difficult living conditions, constant wars...).

This site aims simply to present the traces that society leaves of its more or less famous men and women via commemorative plaques, statues, ... and bibliographic and iconographic archives from my own library.

And we and our society today, what traces will we leave?
This is rather what the author's two other sites try to show:
Incertitudes photographiques / Photographic uncertainties
et Visites photographiques / Photographic tours



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