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Presentation and use of the content of this site

Famous people, local celebrities, more humble or more hidden individuals, daily life of the past centuries,

Life has passed, only memories remain.

There are those of our cemeteries of course, places of recollection and semi-private that we cannot afford to present here.

There are all these memoranda scattered on the public road, and especially all the old books that have kept the trace.
This site is the weak reflection of it.

You may find a character that is close to your heart or someone from your family or ancestor.

And also the ancient costumes and the various ways in which the different peoples of the World were represented by the travelers and scholars of the 18th or 19th century.


Author's photo - © Norbert Pousseur  
the author

In a nutshell: I was born in 1943. I trained as a photographer and have held various jobs in the audiovisual industry.
I created these websites in the early 2000s.

General principle : If you wish to use any of the photographs, reproductions or texts presented and if your use is not for commercial purposes,
you can :

Reproduce them free of charge as they appear on your site, on the express condition that you indicate the copyright
and to place a link towards this site. (as below for example) © NPousseur
In the case of a reproduction for a book, thank you to inform me.

If you wish to use them in a site (or other support) with commercial purpose, please contact me by indicating the references which interest you.

Please note : Many of the reproductions and texts published on this site come from works that have fallen into the public domain (70 years after the author's death) and all of these data come from works that I have acquired (with rare exceptions).
Since these reproductions have benefited from various treatments to improve their aspect, and since the texts are all retranscribed with manual corrections (and not only scanned), they are under copyright and can only be freely re-used in a strictly non-commercial context.

A non-commercial use can be, of course, that of a student or teacher using the content of this site in an educational or study context. If it is a publication (non-commercial, therefore, thesis, etc.), please cite the source (this site - my name).

The reproductions presented on this site were essentially made from digital pictures taken with a professional scanner (Microtek i900), then with a Canon 5D Mark2 (21 million pixels), then in 2016 with a Canon 5DS-R in 50 million pixels.


All reproductions of prints are available, upon request, at least in the original format, often with the possibility of enlarging them to 50x60cm and more if needed.

The yellow "Copyright" logo indicates that I have registered my entire site with the above-mentioned copyright service

registered rights
Copyright deposit against any commercial use
of the photographs, texts and/or reproductions published on this site


PS : if you notice on this site reproductions or texts that you think are not in the public domain, please let me know (it would then be an error on my part...).


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