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A woman and boy of the neighbourhood of the Amsterdam
Traditional Dutch costumes

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Woman from Amsterdam and her little boy - Engraving reproduced and digitally restored by © Norbert Pousseur


Engraving and text from The costume of the Netherlands
After drawings from Miss Semple - Ackermann London - 1817


A woman and boy of the neighbourhood of the Amsterdam
This remarkable figure, with her little boy, no less grotesque, was going to a village church, the spire of which is seen in the distance.
The woman’s cloak, jacket and petticoat, although such as are worn by the generality of her country-women, gave her a ludicrous appearance, because she had more of embonpoint than usual.
The clothes of her son were, probably, made after the fashion of his father’s, and his hat chosen of the saine form, only a trifle smaller.

In a country where the temperature is often low, it is normal to dress warmly. The mother is probably not particularly fat, but is of a solid build, letting her clothes fall down, without any belt, which gives this mass effect. As for the boy, he dresses like his father to go to church, i.e. in his ceremonial clothes, as is still done everywhere nowadays. Nothing ridiculous or grotesque here. (Editor's notes)

Translated with DeepL


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This Dutch costume print can be zoomed in, the original measuring ~23x23 cm



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