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Returning from the market in Rotterdam
Traditional Dutch costumes

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Back from the market with her fish  - Engraving reproduced and digitally restored by © Norbert Pousseur


Engraving and text from The costume of the Netherlands
After drawings from Miss Semple - Ackermann London - 1817


A woman of the neighborhood of Rotterdam.

This woman’s wide spreading straw hat was lined with printed calico, probably english, as they are very partial to the manufactures of this country ; her jacket and petticoat also printed calico, but the dutch women are too fond of variety of colours to wear them of the same sort. Her apron, blue check, and the border of her cap fine lace.
She was returning from the fish-market with her purchase, in a painted tin-basket, and had just put the change of her money into her purse, which is usually made of silk with a silver rim round the opening ; they are very large and divided in the middle ; one part serving as a work-bag.


It looks more like a middle-class lady from the vicinity of Rotterdsam, in her city clothes, with her lovely bag and her decorated bucket, for shopping at the market, and her golden jewels. (Editor's notes)
Translated with DeepL


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This Dutch costume print can be zoomed in, the original measuring ~23x23 cm



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