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A village woman from Broeck, near Amsterdam
Traditional Dutch costumes

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Villager of Broeck - Engraving reproduced and digitally restored by © Norbert Pousseur


Engraving and text from The costume of the Netherlands
After drawings from Miss Semple - Ackermann London - 1817


A woman of Broeck.

The female inhabitants of this village (which is about six miles from Amsterdam) go so seldom from home, that they are very little known to strangers.

The great cleanliness, so often noticed by travelers who visit Holland, is carried to a much greater length at Broeck than in any other part of it, the pavement in particular being so carefully attended to, that it can only be equaled in neatness, by the insides of their houses.


Village woman in pink apron, dark kerchief on her head and polished shoes....
The book's commentary on cleanliness in Holland has little to do with this portrait of a young woman, except for her impeccable dress, which is a far cry from what one might expect from the clothing of peasant women in the early 1800's..
(Editor's notes)
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