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Tea time in Williamstadt
Traditional Dutch costumes

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Dutch women around a cup of tea - engraving reproduced and digitally restored by © Norbert Pousseur


Engraving and text from The costume of the Netherlands
After drawings from Miss Semple - Ackermann London - 1817


A woman of Williamstadt.

This woman (whose husband kept the boat, for passengers to eross the Holland Diep, or Butterfliet), was preparing her tea and took no notice of any person who came into the room ; neither did she choose to understand a word that was spoken to her, until a gentleman asked for some wine, when she immedia» tely left her tea-table, and became extremely civil and attentive.


Quiet scene in what is probably the interior of a bar (since wine is also served...), according to the commentary above. Note that the customer is helping the waitress by holding the lid of the teapot while the hot water is poured, while chatting.. (Editor's notes)
Translated with DeepL


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This Dutch costume print can be zoomed in, the original measuring ~23x23 cm



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