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Madeira around 1820, manner of drawing pipes of wine on a sledge

Ancient traditional costumes of Madeira


To draw pipes of wine, by means of the sledge in Madeira - engraving reproduced and restored by © Norbert Pousseur
Madeira - ~1820 - Manner of drawing pipes etc. by means of the sledge


engraving and text extracted from
History of Madeira - 1821 (from my library)
Madeira was then under British domination

To draw pipes of wine on a sledge

This is the usual way of transporting wine from one part of the town to the other. The coopers of Funchal are known to be excellent workmen, and the pipes made are very much admired for their perfect construction.
The oxen employed on the occasion, which are natives of the island, are a very beautiful race of animals, and highly useful, both for their strength and tractable character.
But this is not all : when they are become too old to be employed in labour, they are fattened and killed, and the meat is excellent.
The quantity of cattle bred in the country is very great. Even ships are supplied with large quantities of beef by the island, and the home consumption is very considerable. Nor is it dear, seldom exceeding a Bit per pound, which is about five-pence English currency.

In times of old, when records give
The ways in which man used to live,
We know what strength sustained the yoke ;
What patient power the furrow broke ;
Who aided the laborious plan
Of patriarchal husbandman.
Then, with sturdy, patient mien,
To share the toil, the ox is seen.
He work'd the plough, and, from the plain,
Drew off the weight of yellow grain ;
Nor was he muzzled when he trod
The corn that formed his heavy load.
Nay, since, through every age that's gone,
He is for useful labour known :
But even labour may refine,
For corn is here exchanged for wine ;
And now it is the oxen's task,
To drag along the liquid cask,
Filled with the juice that aids the treat
When they 're cut up, and turned to meat.


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This engraving of Madeira people can be enlarged by zoom,
the original measuring 17x22 cm



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